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A home energy audit is also known as home energy assessment. This is the first step towards assessing how much energy your home or building consumes for a certain period of time in order to evaluate what measures to make in order to make your home more energy efficient. This assessment will help you decide on whether or not you will remodel, repair your insulating material or install a new one in order to correct the problems thus saving you significant amounts of money.  Here at Demilec Contractor Demo, we conduct a home energy assessment for FREE so you no longer need to spend much to determine if your home is energy efficient or not.

We use a variety of high-tech and state of the art materials to be able to identify key areas where your home is wasting energy. We perform a comprehensive energy audit in order to also come out with comprehensive results and recommendations. We recommend the most cost effective improvements in order to help you achieve a more comfortable and energy efficient homes.

We assess your whole house and not just parts of it. We also look at your home’s building envelope including its windows, doors, insulation levels and air leakage levels in between building materials. We also look into the movement of air inside your home to make sure that the air you and your family breathe is healthy and fresh. All of these, for FREE!

During our energy audit, we use an infrared camera to identify air leakage and defective insulation that allows air to infiltrate making a home or establishment less comfortable. We also utilize a blower door to measure the rate of air infiltration and a duct blaster test to determine whether your ducts are well sealed or not.

After the energy audit, a report of all the findings will be provided. We will help you decide and formulate necessary steps in order to address the infiltration problems found in your home. Whether you need re-installation, repair or insulation installation, we can provide you the service you need to make your homes or establishments more comfortable and cozy. Performing an energy audit gives us an insight into your business and property, to identify the energy saving measures most suitable to you.