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Richard Buchanan co-founded Archer & Buchanan Architecture, Ltd. in 1996 with the desire to focus on custom residential design and country property planning, including equestrian facilities.  Since then he has expanded his repertoire to include the design of sporting pavilions, adaptive re-use of many types of buildings, restaurants, children’s recreation spaces, historic restoration and the design of iron and woodwork products.

A few years ago Richard was working on a difficult problem in an 1890’s apartment building.  “The project was very tricky because we were insulating an attic in an old building with tough access,” he noted.

So he contacted Lee Stoltzfus, President and Founder of Foam-Tech Insulation Services, to see if foam insulation would be the solution.

“Lee has so much technical know-how and an intensity about building science that he was able to complete this project perfectly.  Notably, it was a tough space to access and the timing was tricky because the tenants were in the building throughout the installation. Lee’s team was very sensitive to that and did a thorough job in a very challenging project.”

“We didn’t realize until after the foam installation was completed what a huge difference it made for the tenants. They had been pouring money into their heating bills and those bills dropped significantly after the foam installation.  We also got an added benefit of some sound attenuation.”

Richard continues to work with Lee and the Foam-Tech team on additional projects.  He uses foam insulation for its high R value.  He notes, “It’s a huge benefit for lots of projects because there is no moisture condensation; it excludes free air space where moisture could collect.”

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