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GacoGreen is a water blown spray-applied system that cures to a semi-rigid very low-density foam. In place density ranges from 0.45 – 0.55 lb/ft³. The cured product is dimensionally stable in all weather conditions and its insulating properties do not significantly diminish over time. GacoGreen is safe for the environment, containing no CFC’s, HCFC’s, HFC’s, formaldehyde or ozone depleting chemicals. GacoGreen 052 is a Class I fire rated foam and meets the requirements of ICC-ES AC12 Acceptance Criteria for Foam Plastic Insulation.

Technical Information

GacoGreen forms a completely sealed air barrier in wall cavities and can be used to fill 2” x 6” stud wall construction in a single application. Its performance is superior to commonly used fiberglass batting or loose fill insulation. It adheres well to most building materials and will provide a continuous barrier against air infiltration for the life of the building. GacoGreen is semi-rigid in nature but is flexible enough to withstand normal expansion and contraction of building components. Yields up to 15,000 board feet per kit (1,020 Lbs.) are possible under optimum conditions.

Special Handling Precautions

The catalyst for GacoGreen is shipped separately and must be thoroughly mixed into the Poly “B” drum before use. This catalyst is very light and will float. Adequately powered mixing equipment must be used to create a vortex, which will pull the catalyst down into the Poly component. NOTE: When spraying in poorly ventilated areas, supplied-air breathing apparatus and eye protection is required.

Equipment Recommendations

Probler or GAP air purge spray gun: Minimum operating Pressure: 1,200 psi with a #01 Chamber / 1,400 psi with a #02 Chamber Optimum Material Temperature: 125°F (52°C) to 140°F (60°C) (At the gun) NOTE: A special fan spray assembly, available through Gaco Western, will improve quality and yield when spraying below optimum pressure and temperature.

Technical Data

PropertyTest Temp.ASTM TestUnitValue
Density77°F (25°C)D-1622-98lbs/ft³0.45 – 0.55
Aged R Value
(See Note Below)
75°F (23.9°C)
(See Note below)
C-518R at 1 Inch
R at 4 Inches
Tensile Strength77°F (25°C)D-1623-78psi4.4
Closed Cell Content77°F (25°C) D-2856-94%< 0.6 %
Water Vapor Transmission77°F (25°C)E-96-95perm-inches13.0
Fungus ResistanceG21-960 – 4 Growth0 (No Growth)
Dimensional Stability158°F / 97% R.H.D-2126-94% Vol change+2.7 %
Air Permeance:
3.5 Inches @ 75Pa
5.5 Inches @ 75Pa
77°F (25°C)E-283L/s/m20.009
NOTE: Federal Trade Commission regulations published in the Federal Register 16 CFR Part 460 require that “R” value testing of polyurethane foam insulation must be conducted on aged samples at a 75°F mean test temperature. Failure to comply can result in substantial fines by the FTC. SURFACE BURNING CHARACTERISTICS: Class I when tested per ASTM E84-05 (Also known as ANSI 2.5, NFPA 255, UBC 8-1 (42-1) and UL 723)
SystemThicknessFlame Spread lassificationSmoke Developed Classification
GacoGreen 0526" (15.2 cm)25250

Typical Liquid Chemical Properties

“A” Side contains polymeric isocyanate. “B” Side contains polyols, catalysts, fire retardants and blowing agents.

PropertyTest Temp.ASTM TestUnitValue
Viscosity "A" Component77°F (25°C)D-2196-68cps180 ± 20
Viscosity "B" Component77°F (25°C)D-2196-68cps300 ± 20
Lbs/gal / SG: "A" Component77°F (25°C)lbs/gal10.3 / 1.23
Lbs/gal / SG: "B" Component77°F (25°C)lbs/gal9.5 / 1.15
Mixing Ratio:"A" & "B" Component77°F (25°C)by volume1:1
Stability: When stored at 50°F to 70°F
(10° - 21°C)"A" & "B" Component
77°F (25°C)A: 1 year
B: 6 months***

Note: Six-month period is for un-catalyzed material. After catalyst has been added, the shelf life will be 2 months when stored within recommended temperature range.

Substrate Surface TemperatureCream TimeTack Free Time
77°F (25°C)1/2 Sec.5-8 Sec.

NOTE: Prior to installing a spray polyurethane foam interior insulation system, code officials should be consulted for recommendations and approvals. Federal, local and state building codes vary. All require that spray applied polyurethane foam insulation be covered with an approved 15 minute fire rated thermal barrier. One typically approved material is 5/8″ gypsum wallboard applied over the spray polyurethane foam insulation. However, always check with local officials for recommendations and approvals. It is recommended that the approved thermal barrier be installed the same day the foam is applied.

All hot work, i.e., welding, torches and open flame work, must have been completed prior to commencing the installation of the polyurethane foam insulation. Smoking in the same area while the spray polyurethane foam insulation is being applied shall be strictly prohibited.

The aforementioned information on this product is to be used as a guide and is subject to change without notice. These suggestions and data are based on information we believe to be reliable. They are offered in good faith, but without guarantee, as conditions, methods and use of our products are beyond our control. Any obligation of the seller or manufacturer shall have no force or effect unless it is in writing and signed by officers of the manufacturer.

The information herein is believed to be reliable but unknown risks may be present. ALL WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING WARRANTIES OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE AND THAT GOODS ARE OF MERCHANTABLE QUALITY, ARE SPECIFICALLY DISCLAIMED. See Gaco Western for information concerning its limited warranty and its availability.